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C’est la vie Disyembre 7, 2007

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 “Someone may have stolen your dream when it was young and fresh and you were innocent. Anger is natural. Grief is appropriate. Healing is mandatory. Restoration is possible.” — Jane Rubietta (rom Quiet Places)

It’s been a while since I last blogged. Almost a month, based on my archives. Ang daming gumugulo sa isip ko. Could it be because of the holiday season? Di ko alam. This has been a rough year for me.

I’ve gone through things in my life that were firsts for me. And they have affected me a great deal. Pero dapat bang magmukmok ako? Hindi rin. We all go through trials in our lives. I just hope I will be strong and wise enough to tackle those challenges.

That’s life after all. Hindi pwedeng puro saya na lang. Dahil kung puro saya, paano mo malalaman ang difference between joy and pain? And there have been painful moments this year. It made me appreciate the things I used to take for granted.

Pero minsan I still can’t help but feel down. Tao lang naman ako. Masakit mang isipin pero marami rin akong pagkakamaling nagawa sa buhay ko. I just hope na natuto na ako and not repeat history.

It’s time to pick up the pieces and move on. I need to quit dwelling on the past and move on. Ika nga ni Leann Rimes “Life goes on.” And finally, sabi ni Ol’ Blue Eyes “That’s life.” (“,)


I love you not because.. Oktubre 20, 2007

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I love you not because you put up with my drama,

            but because you are always there when I need you.

I love you not because you tell me I’m beautiful,

            but because you love me despite my flaws.

I love you not because you laugh at my jokes,

            but because you do your best to make me smile everyday.

I love you not because you tell me you do ,

            but because you put your words into action.

I love you not because you give me guidance,

            but because you listen when I need you to.

I love you not because you spoil me,

            but because you do it in a special way.

I love you not because you love me too,

           but because there is no one else like you.





Please lang… Oktubre 19, 2007

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Bakit ba lahat na lang kailangan mong malaman? Wala na ba akong pwedeng sarilihin? Lahat ba ng bawat detalye sa isip ko sasabihin ko sayo? Bakit, dahil entitled ka? Dahil may karapatan ka?

Yan ang hirap sayo. Ultimo ba naman private thoughts ko? Give me a break naman kahit paminsan minsan lang. Di naman ibig sabihin nun na ayaw ko na sayo o di kita mahal.

May mga bagay talaga minsan na gusto kong ako lang may alam. Di ibig sabihin na may tinatago ako sayo. Bakit lahat ba ng iniisip mo sinasabi mo sa kin? I didn’t think so. So please, cool ka lang. Blog lang to (“,)


Isn’t it funny?

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Isn’t it funny the way things happen unexpectedly? How did I get here in the first place? This isn’t how I planned my life to be. And all those other thoughts that pop into my head….

I have to keep reminding myself that HE has a plan for me. HE decides what’ll happen next. I’m just here to fulfill that plan.

Ever heard of the saying “Things happen for a reason”? I totally believe in that. Each detail in our lives is there for a reason. Whether it be a person, failure, trial, success, loss, etc. So whenever things don’t go according to plan, I try not to frown.

The keyword being, “try”.  Hey I’m only human. I can’t help it if I get emotional at times. Frowning is just the beginning. Get yourself a box of Kleenex when I’m in this state hehehe. Good thing it only happens once in a while. If not, I’ll become dehydrated from you know what.


First timer

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Well, the title says it all. I’ve never done this before. Kinda intimidating really. One of my buddies blogs almost everyday. I’ve been reading some of her blogs and I actually enjoy them. So….I thought hey maybe I  can do the same. Let the world know what I’m thinking right at this  moment.

This is actually another great day like yesterday. I just got hired! Yey! How great is that? You see, we just moved into a different state. For those of you that have done this before, you know what it’s like. You all know how difficult it is to adjust in a new environment; how tough it is to wait for an employer to call. So when I got the news..Oh boy was I ecstatic! Grrrrreeattt news!!! Whew* I thought it was all a mistake moving here and starting over.

 But hey, It was worth the wait. It seems like a great place to work at. I really think I’m going to love it there. Ever since I got the hint that I got the job, I’ve been so excited! I even tripped running upstairs while I was on the phone with the messenger hahhahaha. That’s how excited I was. Silly and clumsy me. I’m known for that.

Well..that’s it for now. I will either hate this blogging or love it. So far so good. Ta ta (“;)